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If food and cooking are your passion, this is the place for you! This website offers recipes, tips and tricks, and trivia about dishes and ingredients.

Below you will find some recent posts about the chemistry and physics of cooking.


What is Julienne?

Julienne is one of several ways of cutting in the kitchen, mostly of vegetables and sometimes fruits. Here is the definition and some related cutting styles.

The Most Expensive Spice: Saffron

The Most Expensive Spice: Saffron. This blogpost explains why that is.

The Ultimate Reference Manual

Looking For The Ultimate Reference Manual? Check out "McGee on Food and Cooking".

What are Gluten?

Numerous people have an over-sensitivity (allergy) for gluten. But what are gluten exactly?
4/13/2021 Topics: Method

What is Au Bain Marie?

Whenever a recipe says "Au Bain Marie" you may feel you are on the right track to become a chef. But what is it exactly and why do we need this complicated method? Or can we bypass it with some simpler method?

What is an Emulsion?

Emulsions are funny things. Most important: they change the texture of a mixture.

What is Erythritol?

First of all, it is natural (despite it having an ominous sounding E number (E968). You will find it in plants, vegetables and fruit. Technically speaking, erythritol is a polyol or sugar alcohol.

Taste and Smell as a Function of SSA

Taste and Smell depend - among many things - on the specific surface area (SSA) of the ingredients. This is a simple matter of geometry and physics!

How much Alcohol in a Glass of Wine?

It is simple math to figure out how much alcohol a glass of wine contains, with a few variations.

What are Calories?

We talk about how many calories a meal has. But what are calories, exactly?

The Boiling Point of Water

The boiling point of water depends on several factors. Here are some, with their implications for cooking.

Meat Temperatures

Many people go by their gut feeling - as I have done - when it comes to cooking their steak or rack of lamb rare, medium rare, medium or well-done. But you can be very precise and get the right result every time, if you follow the temperatures in the tables below.
10/7/2020 Topics: Chemistry Eggs

Boiling an Egg

What exactly happens when you boil an egg? How do you cook a perfect soft-boiled egg? And at which temperature does water boil?

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Eating at home, maybe with friends, is always fun if you enjoy cooking.

The Chemistry of Food